Saturday, February 11, 2012

In Love

February… the month of love!
The month that Hallmark makes it’s entire profit for the year in 2 weeks, the month that teddy bears & flashing novelty items become more than stocking-stuffers for kids, and the month that chocolate appears everywhere in heart-shaped boxes (not that we’re complaining about that last symptom!). Every year at this time, there are movies coming out that try to create a picture of what love looks like. According to the media, love means staying together only as long as you are ‘in love’, it means leaving your boyfriend for a handsome stranger, or sometimes it can even mean becoming a vampire to be together(!).

Let’s have a look at a different picture of love:
God Himself, in human form, sitting in a garden late at night, crying tears of blood in despair because of what He knew was to come, and yet willing to go through with torture, ridicule, betrayal, separation & death itself to be able to once again be with the one He loves—you. The Creator of the heavens and the earth sending the Ultimate Valentine, His only son, so as to be reconciled with his lost children—us.

Let’s spend some “date time” this month rereading His love letter to us: the Gospel, and delight in the love of our Lord, whose love knows no conditions, it simply is, regardless of our mistakes and sinfulness.
Lovers of our legs, smile, personality and talent last but a moment, but the Lover of our soul will continue to desire us long after the focus of the world turns away from Valentines Day. Which is better than a Hollywood storyline any day!

Love Brooke

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