Thursday, November 17, 2011

History Makers

I was listening to that classic Delirious song "History Maker" this morning (which I think is one of the greatest Christian anthems of all time!), and it got me to thinking... what does it take to be a 'history maker' as young people in the world today?

In our current culture of Self is King and Pleasure is the Goal, the answer is still the same as it's always been throughout history - Stand Up in Jesus. As the song proclaims, "I'm gonna stand, I'm gonna run into His arms". When our focus is on Him and not ourselves, when we stand up for His truth and not our own rights, when our identity is found in the Lord and not in material things, we won't be able to help but affect and influence the world for the better.

Because the huge role of changing the world for Jesus starts with the small (but equally challanging) role of changing ourselves from the inside out for Him. God wants to transform our hearts to be a reflection of His heart, so that we become passionate about the things that He is passionate about - justice, mercy, righteousness, love. Once we have that Holy Fire on the inside of us, we can stand up in confidence and become the Speakers of Truth that He has made us to be... and the world will never be the same again!

I want to challange you today to listen to "History Maker", and allow the Lord to speak to you through it - what is He calling to you to work on today that will be a step towards changing the world tomorrow?

Love Brooke

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